Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Number 4|Against corruption

If is it not number the 4 that playing role of anticorruption in India?

As in India we are seeing major fight against corruption. Last

couple years shown public anger against corruption. Many leaders

like Swami Ramdev, Anna Hazare, Arvind kejriwal who were from

non political background taken great initiative to fight against

corruption. Recently the victory of newly formed kejriwal party “Aap” in new delhi, shows how

important the issue of corruption is India.Obviously we are seeing Arvind Kejriwal, Ram dev,

Anna hazare etc who are fighting, but if we try to analyse the names of Swami Ram dev and

Arvind Kejriwal we will find some where it is effect of numerological number 4 who is behind

the scene. We all know number 4 in numerology represents planet Uranus ,and Uranus is known

for major changes in socity. It is Uranus which has got power to resist and change conventional

system. Lets we analyse the known name of Baba Ram dev by giving specific number to its name

letter and then sum up number as

R    A     M        D     E       V

2 +  1 +   4         4 +   5  +   6

=7                      = 15

And if simplify number 15 as 1+5=6.

On summing up number 7 and 6 we get 7+6=13

again simplify number 13 ie. 1+3=4. It is number 4.

Now we check name of Arvind Kejriwal like as above.

A    R    V    I    N    D         K    E    J    R    I     W     A      L

1 + 2 + 6 +  1 + 5 +  4          2 + 5 + 1 + 2 + 1 +  6   +  1  +   3

 =19                                        = 21

Sum of name numbers of Arvind is 19 and sum of name numbers Kejriwal is 21

And if we add both numbers 19 and 21 like 19+21=40 And more simplifying number 40 as 4 + 0=4.

Again 4.

So the above analysis shows behind the fight against corruption to bring changes in system number 4 is

playing its role.


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