Monday, December 10, 2012

Analysis of japan by name numerology

In second world war japan suffered great loss by atomic bombing in two cities Hiroshima on date 06-

august-1945 and Nagasaki on date 09-august-1945. In city hiroshima lives between 85000 to 160000

 died and in Nagasaki lives between 55000 to 85000 being died.And after this attack radiation caused

many disabilities in new born generation.Japan almost ruined after second world war.Again bearing

 the pain Japan again stood quicly as developed country by its determination.A small country with

best financial growth.

Again on 11-March-2012 Japan faced a big calamity by earth quake and following tsunami and

triggered the worst nuclear crisis. It resulted that around 22000 people died and Lakhs of people lost

their homes.Loss of lives,money,system and all.

Why so Japan face sudden loss ? We try to find answer by name numerology of Japan name.

If we give specific number to each alphabet as

                                A=1,     J=1,     N=5,     P=8
                                 and arrange name (JAPAN) as

                                 J      A     P     A     N
 and sum numbers    1  + 1  +  8 +  1  +  5

Total sum comes out =16.

In numerology  name number 16 is visualised as "A king is standing on a tower and suddenly shock

of light occures on King and he fell from tower to down". Meaning person having total name number

as 16 rises fast and reach at top, and suddenly something go wrong and he suffer a big fall.From view

 point of numerology some alphabet change require in its name.

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