Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lucky name India or Bharat

Hello Friends tody I am going to discuss an interesting topic related to

name numerology in terms of luck.We all know todays India, was known

 as golden bird in ancient times It was also known as name "Bharat"


As with discoveries by travellers It was known as "India" in the world.

And all we know India (Bharat) has faced many challenges for many

 centuries under british government and became free in 1947. Why so the

certain geographical area was once golden bird(Bharat) and is still

developing, Peoples have suffered much for centuries. As per

numerology we try to find out answer why so we give each alphabets of

name India and Bharat a specific number according to numerology. and

sum them respectively.

For name India

I  =1;       N=5;         D=4;      I=1;      A=1

I                        N                        D                      I                  A

1           +           5             +          4          +          1         +       1


similarly for name Bharat

B=2     H=5        A=1         R=2      A=1    T=4

B                    H                     A                      R                 A               T

2          +        5            +         1          +           2       +       1       +        4


So according to numerology Name India has total of its alphabets value

12. And number 12 in numerology is a number of sacrifice. Name

 produces results a life full of mental torcher. People try to  misuse

person or thing for their personal greed.

And Name Bharat alphabets has sum of its designated alphabets number

is 15. It is a fortunate number by Numerology. Total sum 15 blesses

 person place or thing good fortune ,prosperity etc.

So we conclude all from above discussion that Name Bharat is best for

the growth of country instead of India which has only given misfortune to

its citizens.



  1. very true you always give very interesting description.

  2. Thanks Peter I will keep on offering more .................................

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