Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jim dornan|name analysis

Today I am going to discuss about a great

personality Mr. Jim dornan the owner of

network twentyone international(business

education & support system). He is

known as genious and great entpenurer

person. By following his simple but effective

principles, peoples in world wide altering their life. Jim by his talent graduated from perdue

university, and worked in Aerospace company. His organisation network21 is working in

many countries successfully for the welfare of mankind. He also established welfare

organization named "Network of caring" which has adopted many orphan childs world

wide, one of his organisation "Karuna" is also operating in Mumbai India. As He has been

an enterprenure, I have no right to give credit only to his fate But as a curorsity I am

applying numerology to know more about him. So in terms of numerology if we give

specific numers to his full name

alphabets as

J=1;         I=1;            D=4;            O=7;     R=2;           N=5;    A=1

   J     I   M                D          O           R               N            A              N

=1 + 1 + 4        +      4      +   7     +     2       +      5       +    1       +      5

=     6                +               24


and total of numbers for name is 30.

In numerology number 30, is considered neither lucky or unlucky. Person

having sum of name numbers as 30 give priority to learning, and being

always willing to upgrade his/her mental status. person give priority to

education rather then money.

As we also find sum of name jim is 6 and sum of surname dornan is 24,if

we again simplify 24 as 2+4=6. and sum as

J    i    m     D o  r   n   a   n

6           +            6


which is 12 and number 12 is known as sacrifice, mental torcher and as

we all know how has jim dornan been contributed to society. And how

difficult challenges he has felt in his life.


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